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[EVENT] Character Photo Shooting

DMU's Character Photo Shooting
The event will start today and the end date will be on 31/08/2017
(any screenshots submitted after this date will not be accepted)


Hello, DMU Members!
Here we go with DMU's Character Photo Shooting Event!


It is just simple as you can imagine, all you have to do is get your character 
and using your fashion skills make his/her looks as good/awesome/cool/perfect as you can.


• 1st Place - 1200 credits
• 2nd Place - 900 credits
• 3rd Place - 500 credits
• All who joined event, but not won - 200 credits


For more information about the event [READ MORE]


DemonicMU Team.

[EVENT] Special Event.

Hello everybody

He announces that the DemonicMU staff has prepared some special events for you.
You can find them below, just one click to find out all the information about the event.


1. [EVENT] DemonicMU Idol of August - Click Here
2. [EVENT] How you see Staff Team of August - Click Here
3. [Forum Event]New DM Logo - Click Here


DemonicMU Team.


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Top Voters

! Reset Every Month'

    DemonicMU Edition

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 1500, 2nd:1250, 3rd: 1050, 4th: 800, 5th: 600 [Gold Credits]

Currently this is only one server.