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Demonic MuOnline it's a brand new server made by players
for players. Find out a new world with new dangerous bosses and
new hot eveniments every hour just for you ! Are you a fearless warrior
or a brave guild leader ? Then let fight today into Demonic MuOnline !

[Server Update] 27.07.2017

Hello everybody

New Update to Server.
It has made the following changes.


1. Cloud not fine message 26! - Fixed

2. Changed Anti-hack to LiveGuard Premium.

3. You have New Client to Download. - Click Here or You

can download Patch_v1.0.5.4 from Click Here.

4. MultiAccount Fixed.


Coming Soon.

1. AutoClicker

The DemonicMU Team.

Connection Problem

Hello everybody

If you have problem with connection please run main.exe with Run Administrator.
As in the picture below 

If you have questions, or fail to make the game run you can use this Link Click Here

DemonicMU Team.


More VideoClip

New Screenshots


Top Voters

! Reset Every Month'

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 1500, 2nd:1250, 3rd: 1050, 4th: 800, 5th: 600 [Gold Credits]

Currently this is only one server.